How to Become a Building Contractor

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A building contractor is often referred to as a general contractor. Sometimes, they can also be referred to as a construction professional. Whatever they are called, to become a building contractor means being the one that takes care of house renovations, constructing buildings and roads, and being in charge of demolitions. They are the very people that provide the estimate to clients just by studying any structure’s blueprints. Once a deal has been a closed and a contract is signed, contractors are the ones who will be responsible for the methods as well as the materials that are going to be used for the construction job. They are the ones who make sure that all the contract details will be met. Do you meet any of these characteristics?

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To become a building contractor is far from easy. Contractors, especially those who have been in the construction business for years, have lots of equipment and materials. They usually have many suppliers and a steady flow of clients due to a great reputation. If you’re a construction newbie, building a reputation can begin with a few simple steps.

1. First, you must be a people person. You should be able to communicate with persons of a different upbringing. People skills are a must because you often have to deal with clients (most of them can be demanding), your employees, and suppliers. How can you expect to be respected and known in the construction business if you’re either a tyrant or a doormat?

2. Remember that before you are given any license to operate, you must fulfill certain requirements. The most basic requirements are knowledge in carpentry, landscaping, insulation, plumbing, and similar tasks. These skills vetted builders are necessary and you would need at least five years of relevant contracting experience before you can be considered a professional building contractor. On top of all this, you should have mastered at least one construction skill and, preferably, a degree in construction management, construction science, or civil engineering.

3. If you think that it’s too late for you to enroll in any of the degree courses mentioned, then you have to have completed at least a two-year program in construction technology or construction science. The Construction Management Association of America and The American Institute of Constructors provide certification programs to would-be building contractors. Once you have passed all their requirements and exams, then you are going to be given a certification.

4. To become a building contractor, you must also have a marketing plan in mind. You can’t just go through your first contract then sit out and wait for the next. You can always utilize the power of the internet to reach potential clients. And as you slowly build your social network, you can still rely on postcards and flyers to advertise your business.