Home made DessertsDESSERTS


  Chocolate Caramel Cone
Filled with toffee ice cream, orange popping candy garnished with a caramel dust and chocolate sauce
  Trio of Creme Brulle
Chocolate orange and grand Marnier, fresh vanilla bean and coffee with Tia Maria
  White Chocolate Cheesecake
A baked white chocolate cheesecake topped with white chocolate shavings, white chocolate sauce and a white chocolate ice cream in a tuille biscuit spoon
  Chardonnay Speciality Ice Cream
Vanilla, chocolate and dark chocolate flavour ice creams with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and frosted nuts finished with a stregga Galliano and amaretto
  Home-made Ice Cream Flavours
Vanilla, dark chocolate, White Chocolate, or English toffee. Ask for the ice cream flavour of the day.
  Home made Sorbet Flavours
English strawberry, redcurrant, passionfruit or mango. Ask for the sorbet flavour of the day.
  A Selection of Cheese and Biscuits £6.95
  Try a Glass of Port with your cheese
Tawny or Ruby £3.95 (50 ml glass)
Late Bottled Vintage £4.25 (50 ml glass)
Vintage Port £8.95 (50 ml glass)
  Coffee or Tea with Home Made Petites Fours £2.95
  Cappuccino or Espresso with Home Made Petites Fours
Cappuccino £3.45 or Espresso £3.25 With home made petites fours for the first cup with every additional cup being £1.00
  Chateau De Stony 100ml GLASS £7.50 HALF BOTTLE £16.65  
  Chateau Jolys 100ml 100ml GLASS £8.00 HALF BOTTLE £19.95  
  All desserts are subject to availability and pricing for reference only.